Academic & Industrial projects:

 1. Mini-Micro Satellites propulsion
 2. Tissue Electro-Poration
 3. Stone cutting analysis
 4. Extrusion of visco-elastic materials, fluid flow approach (Euler)
 5. Stochastic mathematical modelling of aluminum scrap for aluminum alloy production
 6. Stone dissolution phenomena under fluid erosion/abrasion
 7. Vehicle stability under strong wind gusts
 8. Development of a mathematical model for riverboat dynamics
 9. Structural analysis (FEM) of Port infrastructure
10. Performance analysis of foil assisted maxi sailing boat (CFD - drag/lift/sinkage/trim + FEM - structural analysis of laminates)
11. Granular flow modelling and analysis
12. Multi-grid Methods for the Simulations of Surfactant Spreading on a Thin Liquid Film
13. Modelling Non-Isothermal Wire-Coating From a Bath Using Phan-Thien Tanner Fluid
14. Performance analysis of foil assisted 50' catamaran
15. IGA-BEM formulation for lifting foils
16. Shape optimization of lifting foils (foil assisted vessels)
17. Hydrodynamics of floating structures (rigid and elastic)
18. etc